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ORGANIC: for anyone who loves nature

13 Sep

Do you show your love of nature by using products that have been made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way? We’ve developed our new billerbeck ORGANIC bedding range just for you. The whole production chain is committed to ecological, social and ethical responsibility. The duvets, pillows, neck support pillows and toppers are made organically, fairly and sustainably and certified according to the internationally recognised GOTS standard – your guarantee of sustainable production practices from the raw materials right through to the packaging. Sustainability means products made from entirely natural fibres and materials that conform to ecological standards from initial cultivation right through to the production process. No poisons, no chemical additives and, in the cultivation of organic cotton and other natural fibres, no pesticides. We are also committed to the social obligations of producers and suppliers towards their employees – they work under fair, environmentally friendly and humane conditions.

ORGANIC – combining completely natural with the highest quality to create the best possible conditions for restful deep sleep.

“We are all pulling in the same direction”

6 Sep

Many congratulations to Priska Streuli for 15 years of dedicated service to our company. Priska works principally in our laboratory but also lends a helping hand in the washing and cleaning department.

“I really appreciate being able to organise the way I work for myself and make my own decisions. My work is very varied and that is why I have enjoyed working here all these years. The working atmosphere also plays an important role of course, and I have always perceived it as harmonious and positive. We help each other, support each other and all pull together. My boss lets me organise my working day. He trusts me and is pleased with the work I do. And that motivates me to continue giving of my best.”

One-stop shop for everything from neck support pillows to comfort mattresses

25 Aug

A better quality of life thanks to healthy sleep – we invest all our passion, skill and experience gathered over more than 30 years of research to make this goal reality. billerbeck is the only bedding manufacturer to systematically invest in sleep research with its own foundation.

That explains why we are able to offer a complete range of perfectly matched products – duvets, pillows, neck support pillows, mattresses, mattress toppers and bed frames. In fact, with billerbeck, you can create your own complete sleep system that is perfectly attuned to your needs. That’s the best preparation for relaxed and refreshing nights and, in turn, the best way to ensure your days are active and efficient.

“Our motivation is the high quality of the products we produce”

4 Aug

We would like to congratulate Rita Jost on her 15-year anniversary and thank her for her dedicated commitment to our company. She works in internal sales and is also responsible for customer service and mentoring our apprentices.

“We work as a team, all for one, one for all and have a good working atmosphere. We all identify strongly with the company, take the initiative and concentrate fully on our work. The same is true throughout the entire firm. We create first class products and the quality of our products is our motivation. I have been given a lot of responsibility and I really appreciate the fact that I have been constantly encouraged and supported throughout the years. I have been on training courses, given additional duties and increased my skills and expertise. I have always been respected. I love customer contact, in fact all kinds of social contact. Dealing with a customer, even if he has a complaint and then finding a good solution for his needs to ensure he is happy and has a good impression of our company is what motivates me most.”

What makes us strong and happy?

1 Aug

Punctuality, efficiency, reliability and attention to detail – and there are a lot more typically Swiss characteristics we could mention. What the qualities all have in common is that although they are very demanding, they are also very motivating. Giving your best every day is a matter of personal attitude or company culture and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. We have come to recognise it as our great strength because working like this makes us happy! Creating high quality products, conforming to the strict quality standards, realising that we can only achieve these goals if we all pull together, that really binds you into a great team. And that’s what it’s about, because together we can go a very long way, whether as a family, a company or the whole Swiss nation.

Have a wonderful 1st August!