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“Being able to make a difference is motivating.”

15 Nov

Many congratulations to Peter Gygli, head of our IT department, on his 20-year anniversary in our company. We would like to thank him for his commitment and dedication.

“I like working here and that means a lot to me. I’m free to work the way I choose and I can really make a difference in the company, which I find incredibly motivating. There’s a great atmosphere within the company and we are always ready to help each other. When we have a company event, like our Christmas meal, I know I can sit wherever I want and I’ll have a great time with whoever is sitting opposite or next to me.”

We have achieved DOWNPASS 2017 certification – because quality and responsibility go hand in hand

11 Nov

We achieved DOWNPASS 2017 certification on 2nd November 2017

The strict standards guarantee both traceability and transparency within the down supply chain to ensure the complete exclusion of feathers and down from live animals, of any goods from forced or assisted feeding production and also rearing controls. This requirement automatically applies for all the goods we produce ourselves (Swiss Guaranty)

In order for a DOWNPASS audit to be successful, breeding farms are subject to both unannounced and announced inspections: cage-rearing and force-feeding are not permitted and sourcing feathers from living animals is forbidden. Appropriate housing, sufficient supplies of feed and fresh water, protection for the animals against illnesses and natural predators and specialist staff to care for them are the basic prerequisites for passing the audit. In addition, document controls and plausibility checks are carried out as well as laboratory analyses by accredited testing institutes such as the IDFL – International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.

Quality is given the highest priority at billerbeck and so treating the human, animal and natural worlds with responsibility and respect are a matter of principle. We are delighted to be able to offer you bedding that you can enjoy with a completely clear conscience.

Versatile and useful – our mattress topper

8 Nov

A mattress topper is a very useful addition to your nightly comfort and here are a few reasons why:

  • It increases your comfort in bed and protects your mattress
  • keeps you warm and puts an end to cold areas in bed in winter
  • helps you to find a relaxing position in bed
  • improves moisture absorption
  • and ensures your bed feels soft and cosy all year round
  • It softens mattresses that are too firm
  • and even manages to make sofa beds and foldaway beds comfortable
  • It removes the unpleasant gap between two mattresses
  • and has the added advantage that it increases the height of the mattress
  • It can be attached easily and reliably with the rubber bands at each corner
  • and is washable

You can buy mattress toppers in various different sizes and types – come and find out which one is best for you!

How you can change your life one night at a time

1 Nov

With her book “The Sleep Revolution”, Ariana Huffington, co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the online newspaper “Huffington Post” and founder of the Thrive Global company, makes a passionate and engaging plea for the importance of sleep. Our sleep deprivation crisis has profound consequences on our health, our job performance, our relationships and our happiness and Huffington is convinced that we can only regain control of our lives if we completely rethink our relationship to sleep. More info at: http://ariannahuffington.com/books/the-sleep-revolution-tr/the-sleep-revolution-hc.

“When I’m asleep there’s no ‘want to do’ or ‘have to do’”

25 Oct

This is probably the trick – paying attention to the sleep you get and making enough space for it but also being able to leave it in peace. “For me, sleep is a phase where I let my own individual nature take control,” says Thea Herold, Berlin Sleep Academy. For most of us, who prefer to have everything constantly under control, this is a new idea. Hans-Günther Weess, Sleep Expert, expresses it as follows, „It’s actually all about not getting in sleep’s way. Then it happens naturally, just like thirst or hunger.” Weess makes the case for retaining sleep as a performance free zone because it’s the last refuge we have. It’s also important to respect the notion that sleep follows no norms, because our individual personality also expresses itself at night. Thea Herold says, “Sleep is something we have from birth. Naturally it’s right to get help if you have problems, but sleeping is like breathing, something you don’t need to think about. When I’m asleep there’s no want to do or have to do, it’s a gift from nature.”

Read the article by Brigitte on blendle.com entitled “Have we forgotten how to sleep?” for more arguments in favour of sleep.