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How to work from home, the right way

16 Apr

How to work from home, the right way

More and more people exercise their profession in the “home office”, at least in part, and not only in times of crisis. Working from home requires a plan. And a lot of discipline. Without a daily structure, the risk of losing concentration increases. Productivity suffers as a result, conflicts increase and dissatisfaction arises on all sides. This does not have to happen.

Start the day with your usual morning routine. It is best to get up at your usual time. Have breakfast, shower, get informed or do early morning sports – very important: Dress as if you were going to the office. This will help you switch to work mode.

Set up a workplace for yourself. It’s best to have a separate room where the door can be closed, especially if you have children or pets. Make sure you have good equipment such as an office chair, a stable table and ideally a monitor that you connect to your notebook. A fast and stable Internet connection is important, a headset increases the voice quality during web conferences, online tools are useful helpers. Now you are ready for productive work.

Set up a schedule. At what times do I work, when do I take breaks, when am I there for family? Set up an “out of office” message so that your colleagues know when you are not available. And also think about exercise and fresh air in your “home office”.

End the working day as you started it. Namely with a ritual, such as a to-do list for the next day. And enjoy what you have achieved during the day. This motivates you for future tasks. If you enjoy sports in the evening, you should do this at least four hours before going to bed. Otherwise, according to the latest studies, you risk finding it harder to fall asleep and sleep through the night. After all, if you have slept well, you enjoy your life.

Why top athletes attach great importance to sleep

4 Apr

If you love sport and train a lot, then you know that the more intensively you train, the more sleep you need. Sleep doesn’t just help us to regenerate physically, it also has a decisive influence on our mental fitness. That’s because your cerebral cortex, which controls important basic mental functions like focus, speed of action, decision-making and your ability to concentrate, is active during sleep. If you get too little sleep, you notice the effects immediately – your basic functions are impaired, your performance reduced. Poor sleep quality or a lack of sleep increases your risk of illness and injuries, which also take longer to heal.

But getting enough sleep is just one part of the puzzle. You also need to sleep well. A great way to support the quality of your sleep is with a Climaactive down duvet  which uses active climate management and the ingenious Outlast concept to regulate climate throughout the night and create the perfect conditions for a deep and restful night’s sleep.

Why yawning shouldn’t be a cause of embarrassment

7 Mar

Do you feel embarrassed when someone catches you yawning? Most people do. We think of yawning as a sign of being sleepy, but it’s also a signal for our bodies and brains to wake up, be alert, or come back to the moment—a kind of gentle course correction. And yes, we yawn when we’re bored, but we also yawn when we anticipate something happening. Robert Provine, an American researcher, describes yawning as a bridge between mental states – from awake to sleeping, from sleeping to wakefulness, from attentive to bored, as a threshold to aggression or sexual arousal – simply to lead us from one activity to another. From “The Sleep Revolution” by Arianna Huffington.

ORGANIC: Out of respect and love for nature and animals

21 Feb

Mother Nature provides solid ground under our feet. The woods, fields, trees, plants and flowers that are all preparing to grow and bloom give us air to breathe, food, balm for our souls, and infinitely valuable natural areas. We shouldn’t omit the animals – a life without animals is unimaginable. So we have every reason to treat our animals and natural environment with complete love and respect. That is why we developed our ORGANIC range. The pillows and duvets are made using completely natural materials that conform to ecological standards from cultivation right through to manufacture. That means no toxins, no chemical additives and no pesticides used in the cultivation of bio cotton and other natural fibres.

The social responsibility that producers and suppliers bear towards their employees is also an important factor for us. The production of our materials and cultivation of the raw materials takes place under fair, environmentally friendly and philanthropic conditions.

I feel good knowing that the products I surround myself with are made with total respect and love for nature and our environment.

Our perception of quality

8 Feb

For us, quality is first and foremost passion and love. You have to be on right the ball if you want to conform to our strict Swiss standards in the long-term. Each and every employee is a vital link in this quality standards chain that ensures every product that leaves our company is flawless and of the highest quality. That means everyone has to give of their best day in and day out; which we are all pleased to do, out of complete conviction for the quality of our duvets and pillows. Created using carefully selected materials, our products conform to the Suisse-Guaranty-VSB-Label. This quality label can guide you in your choice of product – our pillows and duvets are subjected to the most vigorous inspections in the testing laboratories at the Hohenstein Institute. The institute also tests our products for consumer magazines like K-TIPP. For us, quality and sustainability go hand in hand and so we have also achieved Downpass certification: