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“We have a common aim – we represent Swiss quality”

25 Apr

We would like to congratulate Javier Mendoza on 10 years of service in our warehousing department and thank him for his dedicated commitment.

“I’m in charge of warehousing – we store our textiles, down, feathers and packaging materials here……in fact everything we need. My job represents quality of life for me. I’m not just a number, I’m a person and part of a group with shared aims and interests – we represent Swiss quality. I really value my work colleagues. We work well together because everyone works in a team and we are very supportive of each other. We are all ready to make compromises to reach our common goal – happy and contented customers.

My direct supervisor always has time for me and he has a very flexible viewpoint when it comes to finding solutions to problems. In fact finding solutions is one of our greatest strengths – we see the problems but concentrate solely on finding practical solutions to them. This is quite simply the perfect job for me. I can even come to work by bike, something I’ve always wanted.”

It’s you!

29 Mar

Spring lets her blue ribbon
Flutter in the breeze again;
Sweet, familiar scents
Drift with promise o’er the land.
Violets lie dreaming already,
Soon to be awakened.
—Listen, from afar the faint sound of a harp!
Spring, it is you!
I can hear you coming!

Eduard Mörike, Translation: Charles L. Cingolani
Copyright © 2008

Sleeping in winter – how to keep warm and the right way to heat

17 Jan

When it’s really cold, you need to heat your bedroom. The ideal temperature is between 15-18°. Warm heated air (20° and above) dries out your mucus membranes excessively, so you should keep the temperature lower than this. Airing the bedroom for 3 – 5 minutes before you go to bed is an effective way to remove the stale air and replace it with fresh, oxygen rich air.

And for anyone who loves the warmth, it’s not a good idea to wrap up under your duvet because you’ll be inclined to perspire. Investing in a warm, breathable duvet is a better option.

These duvets ensure the air around your body is comfortably warm and can regulate the temperature effectively if the heat becomes excessive.

Wishing you a relaxing and magical Christmastime!

22 Dec

Happy reunions, laughing faces
Warm homecomings in loving places
Festive meals with friends all around
Raising a glass, good wishes abound.
Thoughts filled with love, joy, and delight
May your Christmas be full of wonder and light!

A wonderful Christmas that is most certainly deserved. After a whole twelve months of working hard and living life to the full, it is time to lean back, relax and take stock at this magical time!


“I’m valued and people ask for my opinion, that’s a good feeling”

29 Nov

We would like to congratulate Maurizio Gerin on 30 years of service in our company and thank him for his dedicated commitment. Maurizio works in our mixing department.

“Every day is different, there’s no fixed routine and I like that. I’ve accumulated a lot of specialist knowledge in the last 30 years. I’m valued and people ask for my opinion, that’s a good feeling. There’s a good atmosphere and good management. We’re all part of a chain made up of lots of individual parts and all the parts need to do their job properly to create a good end product. I enjoy the teamwork and we all work well together here. A lot is organised for the employees as well. We have a company outing, Christmas meal and events in between where we can all get together. We are like one big family.”