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Swiss quality, Swiss crafting

From down to duvet – created with loving attention to detail.

18 Apr

We make every duvet as if it were our own, which means we start with impeccable hygiene.

This is of particular importance for bedding because the product and its user are in such close contact. Our skin touches the duvet for around seven hours a night, so constant hygiene controls are a must for our bedding.

A duvet can only feel good and be really cosy if we create the right mix of down and feathers. The different feather and down qualities are combined according to precise instructions in our mixing department. From there, we move on to the filling department where all the various duvet designs receive their fillings. If a duvet is to be quilted, it is taken to the quilting department while at the sewing station, all the textiles are cut and sewn. Once all these processes have been completed, the bedding moves along to the cutting room, where we check the duvets for weaving faults, cut them to the correct size and complete the production process.

Many duvets look the same from the outside. But what really tells them apart is the fill quality and covering materials. Whichever duvet you select, each duvet is created with loving attention to detail in true Swiss quality.

Our perception of quality

8 Feb

For us, quality is first and foremost passion and love. You have to be on right the ball if you want to conform to our strict Swiss standards in the long-term. Each and every employee is a vital link in this quality standards chain that ensures every product that leaves our company is flawless and of the highest quality. That means everyone has to give of their best day in and day out; which we are all pleased to do, out of complete conviction for the quality of our duvets and pillows. Created using carefully selected materials, our products conform to the Suisse-Guaranty-VSB-Label. This quality label can guide you in your choice of product – our pillows and duvets are subjected to the most vigorous inspections in the testing laboratories at the Hohenstein Institute. The institute also tests our products for consumer magazines like K-TIPP. For us, quality and sustainability go hand in hand and so we have also achieved Downpass certification:


We have achieved DOWNPASS 2017 certification – because quality and responsibility go hand in hand

11 Nov

We achieved DOWNPASS 2017 certification on 2nd November 2017

The strict standards guarantee both traceability and transparency within the down supply chain to ensure the complete exclusion of feathers and down from live animals, of any goods from forced or assisted feeding production and also rearing controls. This requirement automatically applies for all the goods we produce ourselves (Swiss Guaranty)

In order for a DOWNPASS audit to be successful, breeding farms are subject to both unannounced and announced inspections: cage-rearing and force-feeding are not permitted and sourcing feathers from living animals is forbidden. Appropriate housing, sufficient supplies of feed and fresh water, protection for the animals against illnesses and natural predators and specialist staff to care for them are the basic prerequisites for passing the audit. In addition, document controls and plausibility checks are carried out as well as laboratory analyses by accredited testing institutes such as the IDFL – International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.

Quality is given the highest priority at billerbeck and so treating the human, animal and natural worlds with responsibility and respect are a matter of principle. We are delighted to be able to offer you bedding that you can enjoy with a completely clear conscience.

“I am proud to be able to work in a Swiss manufacturing company!”

1 Aug

It was great to read this statement from one of our workers on kununu.com. In fact it’s a great feeling all round to have such a good employer rating based on honest employee evaluations. And quite apart from that – we are a Swiss manufacturing company. We work to Swiss quality standards and we do it out of conviction. We have well qualified and motivated employees who have a deep understanding of the meaning of quality. We also have an excellent infrastructure combined with political and economic stability. And last but not least, “Made in Switzerland” is highly valued all around the world.

Have a great 1st of August celebration!

Working for the good of sleep for 30 years

23 Jul

Sleep is a mystery, a puzzle and a wonder and it’s our passion! What is it that fascinates us? Good sleep is the key to a good life! To get to the bottom of this mystery, we founded the billerbeck “SLEEP AND HEALTH” Foundation 30 years ago. Specialists from various fields have been providing us with the results of their research ever since.

Many different factors contribute to a good night’s sleep and of these, the duvet and pillow remain among the most important. The guiding principle used by specialists is: material, design and careful finishing of the product make a significant contribution to a good night. That is why our creative team maintains a close relationship to the members of the “SLEEP AND HEALTH” Foundation. The results speak for themselves – pillows and duvets that meet a whole spectrum of different needs. Our aim? To improve quality of life and do our very best to ensure that a good day really does begin at night.