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“I’m valued and people ask for my opinion, that’s a good feeling”

29 Nov

We would like to congratulate Maurizio Gerin on 30 years of service in our company and thank him for his dedicated commitment. Maurizio works in our mixing department.

“Every day is different, there’s no fixed routine and I like that. I’ve accumulated a lot of specialist knowledge in the last 30 years. I’m valued and people ask for my opinion, that’s a good feeling. There’s a good atmosphere and good management. We’re all part of a chain made up of lots of individual parts and all the parts need to do their job properly to create a good end product. I enjoy the teamwork and we all work well together here. A lot is organised for the employees as well. We have a company outing, Christmas meal and events in between where we can all get together. We are like one big family.”

“Being able to make a difference is motivating.”

15 Nov

Many congratulations to Peter Gygli, head of our IT department, on his 20-year anniversary in our company. We would like to thank him for his commitment and dedication.

“I like working here and that means a lot to me. I’m free to work the way I choose and I can really make a difference in the company, which I find incredibly motivating. There’s a great atmosphere within the company and we are always ready to help each other. When we have a company event, like our Christmas meal, I know I can sit wherever I want and I’ll have a great time with whoever is sitting opposite or next to me.”

“My boss trusts me and that’s really motivating!”

4 Oct

Many congratulations to Dagmar Korbel on her 10-year anniversary. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her commitment to her work. She produces duvets and pillows to specific customer specifications:

“I like the variety in my job. Every day is different. We are a good team and that makes all the difference. In fact, the whole company atmosphere is very good. I can work independently, my boss trusts me and I find that very motivating. It’s also a real pleasure to create such beautiful, high quality products. The highlight in the last 10 years for me is that I’ve always been happy to come to work.”

“We are all pulling in the same direction”

6 Sep

Many congratulations to Priska Streuli for 15 years of dedicated service to our company. Priska works principally in our laboratory but also lends a helping hand in the washing and cleaning department.

“I really appreciate being able to organise the way I work for myself and make my own decisions. My work is very varied and that is why I have enjoyed working here all these years. The working atmosphere also plays an important role of course, and I have always perceived it as harmonious and positive. We help each other, support each other and all pull together. My boss lets me organise my working day. He trusts me and is pleased with the work I do. And that motivates me to continue giving of my best.”

“Our motivation is the high quality of the products we produce”

4 Aug

We would like to congratulate Rita Jost on her 15-year anniversary and thank her for her dedicated commitment to our company. She works in internal sales and is also responsible for customer service and mentoring our apprentices.

“We work as a team, all for one, one for all and have a good working atmosphere. We all identify strongly with the company, take the initiative and concentrate fully on our work. The same is true throughout the entire firm. We create first class products and the quality of our products is our motivation. I have been given a lot of responsibility and I really appreciate the fact that I have been constantly encouraged and supported throughout the years. I have been on training courses, given additional duties and increased my skills and expertise. I have always been respected. I love customer contact, in fact all kinds of social contact. Dealing with a customer, even if he has a complaint and then finding a good solution for his needs to ensure he is happy and has a good impression of our company is what motivates me most.”