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Soothing and soft – silk duvets

6 Jun

Silk has been valued as a precious and natural textile fibre for thousands of years. For a long time, it remained the exclusive privilege of kings and emperors. Today, silk has become an affordable material for daily use and its popularity has increased, especially as a woven fabric for clothing or accessories. In the Far East, the benefits of using silk fibres for duvets were discovered long ago. The comforting softness of silk makes it ideal for refreshing nights – you almost feel like you are wrapped in a cocoon. Silk is breathable and excellent at regulating warmth, which makes it perfect for the summer, because even when you perspire, the duvet still feels dry. Silk duvets can, of course, also be used between seasons and in winter.

Comfortable and durable – fibre duvets

3 Jun

There are different types of fibre duvets made of natural materials like bamboo or synthetics like micro-fibres. But all of them are easy to wash, soft, light, durable and guarantee you a great bed climate.

Bamboo is skin-friendly and agreeably light, it regulates moisture and balances temperature and thus creates a perfect micro-climate. The natural anti-bacterial effect provided by the bamboo fibres keeps bacteria at bay. The way bamboo is grown is another aspect of considerable importance – it is environmentally-friendly, requiring neither pesticides nor fertiliser. And bamboo is entirely organic.

Micro-fibre duvets are made of 100% polyester hollow fibres. They are highly breathable and regulate moisture perfectly. They are also very durable and retain their shape, even after regular washing.

Fibre duvets are ideal for both the summer and winter months, although their light weight and exceptional moisture regulation make them particularly popular for the summer.