Mother Nature provides solid ground under our feet. The woods, fields, trees, plants and flowers that are all preparing to grow and bloom give us air to breathe, food, balm for our souls, and infinitely valuable natural areas. We shouldn’t omit the animals – a life without animals is unimaginable. So we have every reason to treat our animals and natural environment with complete love and respect. That is why we developed our ORGANIC range. The pillows and duvets are made using completely natural materials that conform to ecological standards from cultivation right through to manufacture. That means no toxins, no chemical additives and no pesticides used in the cultivation of bio cotton and other natural fibres.

The social responsibility that producers and suppliers bear towards their employees is also an important factor for us. The production of our materials and cultivation of the raw materials takes place under fair, environmentally friendly and philanthropic conditions.

I feel good knowing that the products I surround myself with are made with total respect and love for nature and our environment.