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Quality differences in down

8 Apr

If you’re thinking of buying a down duvet, you’ll soon notice that there are big price differences. There’s a good reason for it. The most decisive feature in determining down quality is its size. Extra-large cluster down is fluffier, has greater fill power and is more durable. Fully grown geese and ducks provide the best quality. Low-priced duvets contain down which is heavier, but has less fill power and is far less durable which adversely affects comfort while you sleep. Just because a duvet has a high down content, it is no guarantee of high quality because large cluster down with a down content of 70% still has a greater fill volume than small cluster down with 80%.

The members of the Swiss Bedding Manufacturers Association only use down that has been carefully washed and dried at temperatures in excess of 100°C. The “Swiss Guarantee VSB” quality label can only be used on duvets and pillows whose filling meets the strictest hygiene standards and does not come from live animals. And while we’re on the subject of hygiene – it’s of decisive importance for bedding because the products are in constant contact with our skin while we sleep, and that’s about seven hours a night.

Our recommendation for hot summer nights

6 Jul

They come in natural materials like bamboo or in synthetic materials like microfibre, but all fibre duvets share the same characteristics – they are easy to wash, light, soft, durable and they create a great sleeping climate.

  • Bamboo is skin-friendly, light, regulates moisture, balances temperature differences and thus ensures you have a perfect micro-climate. The anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo provide a natural barrier to bacteria. Another advantage – bamboo cultivation is environmentally-friendly because no pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used.
  • Microfibre duvets are made of 100% polyester fibres. They are very breathable and regulate moisture perfectly. They are also very durable and retain their shape even after regular washing.
  • Silk fibre duvets are very comfortable to sleep with because they are so soft. Silk is also very breathable and can regulate warmth very well, so even when it’s hot and sticky, the duvet feels dry.

We wish you many restful summer nights!