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Do you spend your nights as comfortably as your smartphone?

14 Feb

Everyone knows you need to charge your smart phone. It provides a very useful service every day, and so you take good care of it and give it what it needs. You charge it, you update it regularly and make sure it’s in top working order. But now let’s take a look at its owner. Do you take such good care of yourself? You need to charge your batteries, too…..but do you? Restful and relaxing nights are our equivalent of smart phone updates – they update all your systems. Your brain processes everything that has happened during the day and stores or deletes the information so that you’re ready for all the new information and knowledge that the new day will bring. As a small gesture of appreciation for all the work your brain does, why don’t you give it a really comfortable place to lie? A perfect pillow so it can relax completely. Here is some inspiration to get you started.

Holidays? Not without my pillow! My tip for sleeping well in a strange bed

27 Sep

Some things just have to come along with me when I go on holiday and my pillow is one of them. It helps me sleep in strange beds, both with falling asleep and sleeping through. It’s a little piece of home that I take with me and it’s a lovely feeling. My head, neck and shoulders are all comfortably cushioned and it makes it easier to relax. Another advantage of my pillow is that it’s a Climacontrol neck support pillow. As the name suggests, the pillow has active climate technology, which means the pillow regulates the temperature throughout the whole night. It is a very pleasant feeling, especially as I like to spend my holidays in places where it’s nice and warm. But the pillow is perfect at home too, and in the wintertime, because no matter how warm or cold it is, the pillow’s temperature is simply ideal.

Object of study: pillows – why we invest so much?

19 Jul

Any company wishing to become a responsible manufacturer of bedding needs to take research into human sleeping patterns seriously. Gerd Billerbeck recognised this fact more than 50 years ago and decided to create the “Sleep and Health” Foundation to serve just this purpose. Mattresses and pillows bear the brunt of our sleeping activities and play a central role in deciding whether we can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep or not. For these reasons, we invest a lot time, energy and expertise into developing new pillows and have developed a wide range of products from the classic type with down and feathers to millet pillows right through to neck support pillows with active climate technology. The specially designed pillow shapes provide ergonomic support for your neck and head and can therefore help to prevent the build-up of stress and tension in the neck and shoulder area. To achieve this, our customers need to be able to select the perfect pillow for their needs in terms of depth, size and level of support. If you’re powerfully built, you’ll need a deeper, firmer pillow while those with a more petite frame should select a lower, softer version.

Shoulder width plays a decisive role in determining pillow depth. If the pillow is too deep, both the head and cervical spine will be pushed upwards. Conversely a pillow that is too low provides no support and allows them to sink downwards. The perfect pillow allows the spine to retain its natural position however you sleep, a position similar to when you are standing.

How to find the perfect pillow

18 Aug

If you are on the lookout for a new pillow, make sure you test it before you buy. At a specialist retailer’s, this is no problem. Make sure you consider the following:

  • A low pillow tends to be the best choice for a soft mattress, whereas a higher pillow is better for a harder mattress, where you don’t sink in so much.
  • If you are well-built, you need a higher and more supportive pillow, whereas those with a small frame should choose something lower and softer.
  • The triangle formed between the shoulder and the neck should be well filled out for people who sleep on their side or back.

When you sleep on your back, the natural s-shape of the spine should be preserved and on your side, the spine should ideally be completely straight without any bends. A flat pillow is recommended for stomach sleepers. The height of the pillow should be equal to the width of your shoulders and your shoulder should lie on the mattress below the pillow when you sleep.

Why your pillow does more than just support your head.

27 Apr

Your pillow plays a vital role in ensuring you get a good night’s deep sleep. Alongside your mattress, it ensures you have a healthy sleeping position and that your spine is correctly positioned.

Your pillow cradles your head, relieves tension in your cervical spine and prevents your throat and neck muscles from being overstretched. But what we often don’t realise is that along with the mattress, our pillow bears the brunt of the work while we sleep. Night for night, it supports around 4.7 kg (the average weight of an adult head) and endures around 40 head movements while absorbing all the warmth and moisture that is released during this time. So it’s worthwhile taking a close look at your pillow and asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do I usually sleep – on my tummy, back or side? And does my pillow support this adequately or is it in my way?
  • How much work does my pillow have to do for me? Do I bunch it up, push it out of the way or do I need it most for the time I spend reading before I go to sleep?
  • How does it feel under my head (are the filling and material soft to the touch?)
  • Does it have to absorb a lot of perspiration?

Once you have answered these questions you will know whether it is time to invest in a new pillow. Tips about buying a new pillow and what could be right for you can be found here.