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Public holidays – time to enjoy life to the full

24 May

Wonderful! The coming days present us with the perfect opportunity to finally enjoy a long lie-in followed by a leisurely breakfast and then time to talk, read, listen to music or plan the holidays….

Perhaps you could go for a walk in the mountains, visit friends or a museum, snuggle up on the sofa with a good book or enjoy reading the paper in your favourite café. Days like these are a wonderful gift, allowing us to shelve our daily routines for a while and live life to our heart’s content. A day spent relaxing and enjoying life does you so much good!

So whatever you decide…..a lazy day doing nothing or an adventurous activity-filled day, we wish you fun, enjoyment and fully recharged batteries!

Relax with the right pillow

5 Aug

If you’re looking for complete relaxation during the night, I would recommend investing in a good pillow! It can make a huge difference. You are fully supported and can sleep in a position that allows your muscles to relax. Your neck can loosen up, which is in turn beneficial for your back and shoulders.

There have been innumerable occasions where I have seen neck pain and tension cured by using the right pillow. Try it for yourself!