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Downpass – because sustainability is already part of our daily lives

27 Apr

Down and feathers – soft, smooth and light – use their unique filling power to provide great warmth with very little weight. They are also breathable and reliably absorb moisture. For anyone who enjoys healthy sleep, they are an indispensable part of life.

In the last ten years, consumer behaviour has evolved; today people prefer to surround themselves with products that are both high quality and also produced or procured according to ethical standards. These consumers want to be able to count on the integrity of the industry to maintain and guarantee ethical principles. This is particularly true of products such as down and feathers where nature, environment and animal welfare converge.

That is why we are members of Downpass e.V. and strongly advocate a transparent and correct declaration of fillings and independent monitoring of our products. All association members are checked and audited by officially recognised testing authorities and are in possession of valid certification. All this attests to our aim of using fillings which comply entirely with all valid EU animal welfare laws and are only taken from slaughtered animals. The traceability of down and feathers is also regulated clearly by the DOWNPASS standard. For further information, please follow this link.

ORGANIC – because we are committed to sustainability

22 Mar

Planet earth is a miracle. Spring is on its way and we can watch with amazement as nature reawakens with bursts of vivid colour. Taking care of our home planet and its inhabitants must be a priority. That’s why we have developed our ORGANIC range. The new billerbeck bedding range is specifically designed in accordance with the principles of ecological, social and ethical responsibility throughout the entire production chain and thus addresses a pressing concern felt by a growing consumer segment.

billerbeck ORGANIC offers a complete bedding range made using natural materials. The duvets, pillows, neck support pillows and toppers are organic, produced fairly and sustainably and certified to the renowned GOTS standard

This ensures that the bedding is produced sustainably from the raw materials right through to the packaging. Sustainability means products made from entirely natural fibres and materials that conform to ecological standards from initial cultivation right through to the production process. No poisons, no chemical additives and, in the cultivation of organic cotton and other natural fibres, no pesticides. We are also committed to the social obligations of producers and suppliers towards their employees. The materials are produced (or grown) under fair, environmentally friendly conditions with respect for workers’ rights.

Our ORGANIC range underscores our commitment to sustainability and top quality to guarantee deep, restful sleep.