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“Sleep is really the most wonderful invention”

22 Jun

We can only agree with this quotation from Heinrich Heine – but we make bedding, so you won’t be surprised. However, sleep is preoccupying us more than ever because good sleep is necessary for a happy and successful life. And although we have really become good at explaining and justifying why it is like it is research into the whole subject of sleep is far from complete. We have been working on the phenomenon of sleep for over 30 years with our “Sleep and Health Foundation”. But we haven’t got tired of it, in fact quite the opposite. Our researchers find sleep more fascinating than ever, which is good news, because they are invaluable for our bedding. The latest results of their work are the basis for every new product.

A better quality of life thanks to healthy sleep – that’s something we can believe and invest in with passion and commitment, and the expertise and experience that come from 30 years of research.

The future of sleep – 6 theories

29 Nov

The latest study to emerge from the renowned GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute examines the subject of the future of sleep and outlines six highly interesting theories:

  • Sleep will be a lifestyle choice and no longer a basic need
    Rather than accepting sleep as a purely biological phenomenon, we will become increasingly conscious of our sleep behaviour.
  • The new status symbol for managers and top performers will be having time to enjoy a lot of sleep.
    Sleeping a lot will become synonymous with ambition, creativity and success, while the former cult of little sleep for top managers will be debunked as a macho myth
  • The power nap will become tomorrow’s power snack
    A short nap during the day is nothing new, not just as a cultural institution but as a physiological response to our body clock.
  • Sleep will enter the public domain here
    The earliest signs of this trend are already to be found at airports in the form of sleeping pods, or nap pillows and sleep masks.
  • Overtiredness will become the new overweight
    Sleep will take its place as a core pillar of health care and prevention. Chronic over fatigue can cause a whole range of illnesses from heart disease to high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Getting enough good quality sleep provides us with the resources we need to perform at our best and is a key factor for success.
    Top athletes have long recognised the importance of sleep and now a wider public is becoming aware of how it can be used to optimise performance.

This study is based on the results of a representative Swiss-wide survey. The GDI also discussed the most important trends with experts from the fields of commerce, tourism and research. Members of the billerbeck Sleep and Health Foundation were also invited to participate at the expert group discussions and we are therefore even more delighted to be able to present this interesting publication to you.

The study can be downloaded free of charge from the GDI website:

Enjoy wonderfully deep sleep at the height of summer

18 Jun

A few useful tips can help you sleep well, even on the hottest nights:

Take a short, lukewarm shower, don’t dry yourself completely then go straight to bed. The light moisture film won’t last long but it’s a good way to prepare yourself for sleep.

Make your hot water bottle into a cold water bottle: Fill it with water and put it into the fridge (not the freezer!). Take it to bed with you and lay it between your feet, under your neck or on your stomach.

Don’t eat heavy meals in the evening, don’t eat after 7pm and drink lots of water during the day.

Don’t get frustrated
if you can’t get to sleep straight away. We need about an hour’s less sleep in summer than in winter.