We make every duvet as if it were our own, which means we start with impeccable hygiene.

This is of particular importance for bedding because the product and its user are in such close contact. Our skin touches the duvet for around seven hours a night, so constant hygiene controls are a must for our bedding.

A duvet can only feel good and be really cosy if we create the right mix of down and feathers. The different feather and down qualities are combined according to precise instructions in our mixing department. From there, we move on to the filling department where all the various duvet designs receive their fillings. If a duvet is to be quilted, it is taken to the quilting department while at the sewing station, all the textiles are cut and sewn. Once all these processes have been completed, the bedding moves along to the cutting room, where we check the duvets for weaving faults, cut them to the correct size and complete the production process.

Many duvets look the same from the outside. But what really tells them apart is the fill quality and covering materials. Whichever duvet you select, each duvet is created with loving attention to detail in true Swiss quality.