We would like to congratulate Javier Mendoza on 10 years of service in our warehousing department and thank him for his dedicated commitment.

“I’m in charge of warehousing – we store our textiles, down, feathers and packaging materials here……in fact everything we need. My job represents quality of life for me. I’m not just a number, I’m a person and part of a group with shared aims and interests – we represent Swiss quality. I really value my work colleagues. We work well together because everyone works in a team and we are very supportive of each other. We are all ready to make compromises to reach our common goal – happy and contented customers.

My direct supervisor always has time for me and he has a very flexible viewpoint when it comes to finding solutions to problems. In fact finding solutions is one of our greatest strengths – we see the problems but concentrate solely on finding practical solutions to them. This is quite simply the perfect job for me. I can even come to work by bike, something I’ve always wanted.”