Between two and three o’clock in the morning we experience a dip in our circulation, leaving it in a more fragile state. Our mental state and moods are also at their lowest point in the second half of the night and that is why almost anyone who is awake at this time experiences a mini-depression. This is also the time when anyone at work will make the most mistakes and when a conspicuously high number of accidents take place. If you are awake in the early hours and are suffering from depressive thoughts, the reason is that the body is producing the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is there to control our day and night rhythm, but it is also a “feel-bad” hormone that lowers your mood and makes you pessimistic.

This is just one of innumerable gems that you will find in our sleep guide, „A good day begins at night – greater quality of life thanks to healthy sleep“ published by the billerbeck “SLEEP AND HEALTH” Foundation in conjunction with the Beobachter.